As this airport serves Alexandria, which is the ninth-largest city in Louisiana, there will be a lot of passengers who would like to check this city. Several transportation means are demanded there, and there are many agencies. However, each passenger should check information about those agencies, their rules and terms, working hours, prices, and rates from the passengers are needed as well to be prepared. The choice of passenger depends on their Budget, preferences, and there are free to choose. However, they must check the rates of these companies, as there are many passengers in the United States, who are not satisfied with some services when they are asked why it happened, respondents always say that they did not check the information beforehand.

Public Transportation Service at AEX

As for rideshare service, it is available at Alexandria International Airport, there are many buses at AEX who serve this airport, and they provide cheap transportation with high quality, it also increases the community economy.

Taxi Service at AEX

About the taxi service, they are operating at Alexandria International Airport as well. They are all metered. To catch a taxi is easy and convenient there as reservations are not necessary. They start operating during airport terminal hours. This airport starts working at 4:00 a.m.