TSA Security Procedures and Measures at AEX

As this airport was important from the day, it was established. The authorities knew that they had to offer brilliant customer service to decrease the problems and have a satisfied passenger, who would like to check the place around. Security procedures are vital in this airport. As every airport has its own terms, as well as rules, a passenger must check them beforehand to know what will be demanded from Alexandria International Airport. This is recommended by security agents, who are known as TSA agents. This advice must be taken into consideration by each passenger. Disobedience of those rules is not allowed, and they must obey them. There can be seen a metal detector body scanner, which will check every passenger, but not only passengers will be reviewed by their metal-made equipment as well. Those items will be put in an individual bin, which is made for this purpose.

Those agents are working there not to raise additional problems and to control the situation. The Transportation Security Administration regulated those agents; this company is known as TSA as well. Prohibited items, bags, packages, suspicious passengers will be controlled there, and an X-ray screening will have a huge role there as well. If, after those checking, there is some unusual situation, those agents have the power to demand additional checking of each passenger, they are responsible for doing this.

Helpline service, which is TSA Cares, is managed by the Transportation Security Administration. Those agents help passengers who cannot operate without additional assistance. Those passengers may be the ones who have some disabilities or, due to their medical conditions, need guidance or checking. They also help the passengers who lost his/her way in the airport and need some help to find the way. However, a passenger must take into consideration that they must be warned before 72 hours of their flight. Booking of this service is necessary, those agents to be prepared. It is crucial because they need preparation to help those kinds of passengers. TSA agents recommend that passengers have to check the information before their departure time, an X-ray, and security checkpoint to not be surprised there. Those helpful agents work on weekdays, from Monday to Friday, as for working hours, from 8 a.m. to 11 p.m.

AEXSecurity Checkpoints and Departure Time

It is impossible to say how much time will be consumed by security checkpoints as it banks on many issues such as TSA staffing, airport construction, and weather as well. As for recommendations, they are given for passengers that they should come 45 minutes beforehand, as, after this time, security checkpoints are not operating anymore. However, they start working 2 hours before each departure flight.

Flying with Real-ID

In the United States from 2018, October 1 no one can fly without Real-ID, they have to present them to security checkpoints, those documents will be checked, and then they can cross the border of this country.