U.S. Custom and Border Protection / Global Entry at AEX

Even though this airport has no international flight scheduled, this airport still has a title, because they serve the U.S. troops to reach any destination in the world. However, this is common practice in the United States, and many airports have this title even though they have no scheduled passenger traffic from outside the country. There operates a service, which is called as a global entry; it was implemented in the United States. This system was created to help the passengers not to need additional checking and move around without procedures. Customs and Border Protection created this. Due to this, passengers consume less time and have not to stand in a queue, as there are not many passengers who have this badge. A passenger with this badge can find automatic kiosks which allow them to cross the border.

It is easy to have this badge. However, many passengers simply do not know about this, and this is why not many people use this service. This badge can be approved when a passenger presents a real passport, which will be readable by a particular machine. Consistent resident cards are useful for passengers to achieve this badge; not only visas can do this. Those documents will be reviewed, and if the answer is proper, then passengers can move around in this country. This is why this is a comfortable service.

If there is an emergency, TSA agents will ask additional questions. A passenger must get candid and answer them with honesty to avoid more problems if they do not, agents will need more time, and the problem-solution will not be found.

Luggage Claim and Meeting Points at AEX

As for the luggage claim area, it can be found because there is only one terminal. However, there might be some restrictions on the weight of this baggage, and this must be taken into consideration. Every airport rules are different, unique, and original.